What is the PNR Token?

PNR is a modern-age digital currency that allows a peer-to-peer mode of payment, store and exchange of value. It is specifically created with the vision to support larger volumes of transactions. It offers a quick, secure and efficient transfer of value with confirmation speeds up to 10 times faster than Bitcoin.

The Panerora Wallet

Panorera features a fully encrypted wallet that allows PNR Coin holders to deposit, send, receive and store PNR Coins without the need for a centralised financial entity. It allows users to access their digital assets from anywhere at any time. The wallet is secured by cryptography and doesn’t allow anyone to access your funds unless the right private key is inserted.
To expand our operations, we have devised a concrete plan and an ambitious roadmap. We’re confident that with the team and expertise that we possess, we’re all set to hit our targeted milestones.
2019 September
- Securing a South African office
- Chief Content Creator hired
- Official Website Wallet Launch
- Whitepaper published
- Panerora company video launches
- ICO Stage 1
- Marketing
2019 October
- ICO Stage 2
- Posting on social media
- Marketing via influencers
2019 November
- ICO Stage 3
- Local promotion in South Africa (Sandton, Johannesburg)
- Talking to investors and stores that will accept PNR as a payment method
- Exchange listings near the end of the ICO
- Hold a conference in South Africa, Johannesburg about the world of blockchain and Panerora
2019 December
- Goal to have 100 stores across South Africa accepting PNR
- Plans to open an office in Cape Town, South Africa
- End of December Tanzanian office officially opens and Tanzanian CEO appointed
- Annual Panerora investors conference on talks about the current progress and future developments for a blockchain African economy live
- Hold 2 more conferences in Cape Town and Durban
2020 January
- Increase rapid adoption in Tanzania via marketing and holding meetings with large investors
- Growing of PNR accepting stores to over 500 in both Tanzania and South Africa
- Plans to make OTC exchanges compatible with PNR
- End of January Botswana office officially opens and Botswana CEO appointed
- Monthly meeting with teams via live call recorded and published in a blog
- Hold 2 conferences in Bloemfontein and Pretoria
2020 February
- Further expanding the adoption of the PNR economy in South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana
- Reach a target of 1500 PNR accepting stores
- Large investors conference in Botswana, Gaborone
- Open huge expansion plans for 4 countries: Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique
- Closing more deals with fiat OTC exchanges to accept the conversion of PNR to local currencies and commodities
2020 March
- With increasing stores across these countries accepting PNR as well as with word of mouth marketing, the domino effect is planned to take place and the plan is to have over 3000 stores from food to motor dealers accepting PNR
- Rapid increase of ease to convert PNR to fiat via local exchanges
- Quarterly meeting with private, institutional & retail investors live, about the further expansion progress and development of the PNR blockchain payment economy with additional talks of which order of countries to execute expansion into